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Free delivery on orders over £450 excluding VAT.

We offer twice weekly set delivery days (except the Isle of Wight which is every Wednesday).

We can deliver direct to your customer’s site for an additional £60 charge excluding VAT. We ask that you complete a Direct Delivery Form.

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We cut all of our own Featheredge, Arris Rail, Gravel Board, Cant Rail and Firring Pieces. We hold a certain amount in stock but larger volumes are available cut to order please contact us for current lead times.

Timber can be planed to your exact width and thickness and so machined to your specification. We can machine large or small amounts in 5th Scan Redwood, Unsorted Redwood or Sawfalling Whitewood. We also hold a smaller range of hardwoods that can be machined to order. Pictured here is Micky Monk who has worked for Stamco for 46 years. Micky produces all of our smaller runs of special size timber including some hardwoods. For this service Mick is very particular in the timber he selects as he knows these are special orders.

Match a moulding

Any moulding can be produced from a clean sample or accurate drawing. The picture shows our Production Manager – Lee Watson – next to the Template Maker, which is the machine we use to make the accurate Plastic Template before grinding the cutters. This completely bespoke service involves making an accurate plastic template of your profile, grinding special cutters and matching the moulding to your exact specifications.

We can also replicate TGV sections, Cladding Sections and Decking Sections. It is worth pointing out that we are very good at doing this, however, depending on the volume you require will determine how expensive the process is, for instance if we need to make cutters for 20mts of timber this will be expensive. This is due to the Health & Safety Guidelines changing, meaning we must produce Serrated Steel cutters for each custom production, whereas we used to use tin cutters, that we could use once and then throw away. We would be more than happy to quote for your requirements so contact a member of the sales team.

Treatment Plant

Over 11,000m3 of timber is treated on site each year. To aid the longevity of softwood, products such as decking and fencing need to be pressure impregnated under rigidly controlled conditions in our vacuum pressure cylinder.

Once the process is complete the packs of timber have to be allowed to stand and drain for at least 48 hours to enable the treatment to fix to the cells of the timber. Extra Shrinkage can occur in the drying process of your timber after treatment so like most projects using softwood it is worth leaving your timber to acclimatise to the conditions before using it.

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