Structural Timber

Available either treated or untreated.

Our Structural Timber is available as Full to Size Sawn and graded, Regularised C24 Graded and as CLS timber, including long lengths – usually up to 7.2m long but we have supplied up to 9m in solid timber or 12m in laminated timber.
Our Full to Size Sawn Carcassing product range is available either treated or untreated according to your required specification. Our Regularised C24 Graded timber is treated at source to a minimum of Usage Class 2 (UC2) which is suitable for internal use and/or where there is slight risk of wetting. Timber treated in our own treatment plant is treated on a heavy duty cycle for extra protection. Depending on the species this can achieve up to Usage Class 4 (UC4) which is suitable for timber used externally and/or in ground contact. Please contact us for further information. We can supply a certificate of treatment if required.

In our own treatment plant we use ACQ timber treatment because it is a high quality, environmentally friendly product with reliable colouration. ACQ incorporates all the necessary ingredients (no additional additives are required). Other timber treatments are available on request. Over 11,000 cubic metres of timber is treated on site each year. We have staff who are qualified (and tested every year!) to grade timber to ensure that it is the right strength to meet building regulations.

We can produce Firring Pieces, Cant Rail, Arris Rail, Fence Capping, Gravel Boards and bespoke cut to size sections matching your specification, call a member of our Sales Team on 01424 856856 for more information.

045 x 045*
045 x 070*
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* = Ungraded

✓ = All items ex stock in certain lengths and available for next day delivery into set areas

• = Stock and quantity subject to availability

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