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We offer a wide range of softwood cladding material and produced from various qualities of timber. Our Length selection is always very popular giving you the best yield from lengths provided.

We can also offer your cladding and framing treated at additional cost and with a slightly longer time frame. Our stock T.G.V profile has a tapered tongue meaning there is no location issues and each piece slides together effortlessly and has a snug fit. We produce extended tongue sections for applications where you may experience extra shrinkage. Ask a member of our Sales Team for more information.


Tongue and groove with a v-joint is the most popular profile of contemporary timber cladding used in the UK, primarily because of its versatility. It can be installed vertically, horizontally or even diagonally to create a modern finish.


Tongue and groove with a s-joint providing a 45 degree slope either side of the join provides further demarcation and accentuation of the gap between boards than TGV. May be fixed both vertically and horizontally.

Rebated Shiplap

Shiplap cladding is a traditional cladding profile that has been commonly used in the construction of barns, sheds, outbuildings and inexpensive or seasonal homes.

Cladding available from stock


12 x 100 – A108441
16 x 100 – A000499
16 x 125 – A000503
19 x 100 – A000598
19 x 125 – A000602
25 x 100 – A009243


16 x 125 Rebated – A003941

19 x 125 Rebated – A000601

19 x 150 Rebated – A010528

22 x 100 Loglap – A000682

All stock profiles are available clean.
All profiles can be green treated via our on-site treatment plant.

Alternative profiles Stamco can offer

16 x 125 T&G Shiplap – A000501

19 x 125 T&G Shiplap – A003703

25 x 150 Rebated Shiplap – A010770

16 x 125 Extended Tongue TGV – A000503

19 x 100 Extended Tongue TGV – A000598

19 x 125 Extended Tongue TGV – A000602

25 x 100 Rebated Loglap – A003693

25 x 125 Rebated Loglap – A003070

These items are not kept in stock, but can be produced to order. Profiles can be supplied on request.

Please allow a standard lead-time of 10 working days for all of the above Alternative Profiles. Please allow a further 5 working days for all items that are treated to order.

Flooring products

16 x 125 Tongue & Grooved – A003775
16 x 125 Tongue & Grooved – A000687
22 x 150 Tongue & Grooved – A000696
25 x 150 Tongue & Grooved – A000777

Framing products

38 x 38 Rounded Four Corners – A108870

38 x 50 Rounded Four Corners – A002644

50 x 50 Rounded Four Corners – A008941

38 x 75 Rounded Four Corners – A108552

We also offer 50 x 75 CLS and 45 x 70 Reg’d treated carcassing.

Special profiles

Whilst we offer an extensive range of Cladding, Flooring and Framing, we acknowledge that alternative sizes and profiles might also be required. Therefore, Stamco can offer to design and manufacture tailored cutters to suit your requirements. Please contact a member of our Sales Team for more details.

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