Independent Builders Merchants Group is committed to best practice in Environmental Social Governance. Here are just a few things we are doing to limit our impact on the environment, have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate and ensure our governance exceeds expectations. We have also listed some commitments for the future.


What are we doing?

  • Our timber comes from majority FSC, FSC controlled or PFC accredited sources ensuring the sustainability of our supply chains
  • All Company cars leased in the future will be electric or hybrid
  • We have a transport system that allows deliveries to come from the nearest branch in our network reducing our transport miles.
  • We are installing systems in our trucks to measure our carbon emissions and find ways to reduce them further
  • Our data centres use 100% renewable energy and we recycle all our possible e-waste
  • We have started to collect rainwater and use it to treat our wood in our Stamco Timber Mill
  • Our new estimating service Proquant offers customers the chance to carbon offset their projects

What are we committed to doing?

  • Measuring our greenhouse emissions and continuing to embrace new ways to reduce our environmental footprint
  • Replacing lights in branches and offices with energy-saving LEDs.
  • Changing electricity contracts to come from 100% renewable energy sources
  • Exploring new ways of recycling waste packaging and continuing to research ways to reduce the emissions of our fleet
  • Improving our colleagues’ awareness of energy-saving and positive environmental practices

What are we doing?

  • We put Health and Safety at the focal point of our operations and strive to continually improve to make our branches safe to work in for all our colleagues 
  • We have long supported the Teenage Cancer Trust and other local charitable causes such as local football and cricket clubs 
  • We have employee assistance programs in place to support our colleagues with mental health and stress, legal and financial advice and familial care issues 
  • We provide management training to our staff to improve our working environment as we want IBMG to be the best company to work for

What are we committed to doing?

  • Continuing our support of national charities and giving our branch managers autonomy to choose causes to support in their local communities 
  • Developing apprentice and graduate schemes to attract new and mentor existing talent 
  • Consistently reviewing our training of colleagues in health and safety and management skills 
  • Keeping our customers updated on how we engage with the community 

What are we doing?

  • We conduct exit interviews to ask about interpersonal trust between employees and line managers to continue our mission to be the best company to work for
  • We have an Audit Committee to manage risks and ensure appropriate governance and checks and controls at every level
  • We benchmark our pay and reward schemes at all levels of the company 
  • Our corporate pay for the executive team is aligned with corporate resilience and the strategic goals of the organisation and its investors
  • Our Remuneration Committee sets bonuses on an annual basis to reflect the strategic goals of the business

What are we committed to doing?

  • Continuing to review whether our suppliers comply with our modern slavery policy 
  • Listening to advice from our industry on corporate strategies to benefit our stakeholders
  • Upholding the best practices of corporate governance to make us the best company to work with and for

Our Aims

At IBMG we have a responsibility to our customers, workers and stakeholders to uphold the best practises of governance, social wellbeing and environmental care. By considering Environmental Social Governance (ESG) factors, IBMG aims to continually evaluate and improve our ESG performance whilst minimising the group’s risk from uncertainties such as climate change. This work will not only help to protect our business and make it resilient and sustainable for the future; it will ensure that we aim to be inclusive and supportive of our colleagues every single day.

How do we integrate ESG issues?

Health and Safety

As we handle, sell and move heavy and sometimes hazardous materials every day, Health and Safety have to be at the heart of all our actions. IBMG will continue to have rigorous Health and Safety checks, training for our staff and policy reviews to keep our colleagues and customers as safe as possible.

Social Welfare of Staff

IBMG wants to be the best company to work for. This means we have to take responsibility for our staff and support them when needed. We aim to create an inclusive environment that thrives from its diversity, colleague’s ideas and wellbeing.

Environmental Management

IBMG recognises the importance of the climate crisis and we feel that we have a responsibility to do our part to minimise environmental damage. We intend to keep our actions aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12 to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Our group strives to evaluate our actions and find solutions where possible such as improving our waste management and becoming more energy efficient.

Corporate Governance

It is important that we, at IMBG, uphold good standards of corporate governance to reduce risk, keep communication clear and transparent and fulfil our group’s commitment to our stakeholders. IMBG seeks to carry out the best practices of corporate governance to make us the best company to work with and for.


We recognise that challenges such as these cannot be immediately answered. More information on our progress regarding ESG related issues can be found on our website.


Let it rain! - 14/7/2021
The team at Stamco timber have recently installed water butts on-site to collect rainwater to be used in their wood treatment plant. As freshwater is a precious resource in the UK, strained by temperature rises due to climate change, collecting rainwater is one-way IBMG is trying to have a sustainable impact. Main’s water needs a large amount of energy to be pumped from its source to site. By recycling rainwater, that otherwise wouldn’t be collected for use, we are reducing our energy consumption and our carbon footprint. Excitingly, Stamco timber is investigating the possibility of solely using recycled rainwater in its water treatment and we are excited to share our future findings with you.
Crush it! - 11/6/2021
IBMG is trialling larger plastic and cardboard compression machines in our branches. By compressing our waste on-site, fewer vehicles will be needed to transport our recyclable waste to the correct facilities. This will reduce our carbon footprint by using fewer vehicles to transport more recyclable waste. Plus, watching the materials get crushed is really cool.